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Hello guys how are you all i hope you all will be good today we are going to talk about friends another blockbuster movie yes i am going to talk about friends about bigil movie

Bigil Movie Review

The Bigil movie released in 2019 was an Action / Sport film, in which you are going to see Man in the lead role, Vijay Sir and his appearances have directed you Nayanthara and Jackie Shroff. Atlee kumar this movie did quite well at the box office and It garnered the tag of its all-time blockbuster.

If I talk about the Biggil movie, then friends let me tell you that the budget of Big Movie is 140 crores and this movie collected 300 crores at the box office and this movie was a blockbuster.


Bigil Movie Update

Friends, let me tell you how long you will get to see Bigil Movie in Hindi, in the year 2019, this movie was released in Tamil language and this movie was a blockbuster and the popularity of Vijay sir is very much Vijay in India. Sir is being liked a lot, that is why Hindi dub of Biggil Movie is being demanded

How long is the big movie going to be seen in Hindi

But friends, let me tell all of you, before the Bigil movie, all of you are going to get to watch Marshall and Sarkar movie and friends, let me also tell you that it will take 4 to 5 months for the Hindi movie of Bigil movie to be dubbed and After completing, you will get to see the release date very soon.

Now friends, you must be wondering how long you will get to see the Bigel movie, then friends, let me tell you, as soon as the Hindi dub of this movie is completed, you will get to see this movie in the year 2021.

Friends, when we are talking about Vijay sir, how can we forget about him and the blockbuster movie, yes I am talking about friends, about Marshall movie and Sarkar movie, Friends, all of you get to see you before Biggil movie. Wali Hai Marshall and Sarkar, yes friends, the Hindi dub of both these movies has been completely completed and very soon you all will get to see both these movies on YouTube as well as let me tell you that this movie is on TV Also to see


Bigil Movie Story?

The story of the Friends Biggill movie is such that after his father is killed, Michael gives up his dream of becoming a footballer but Michael's friends ask him to become the coach of the women's football team and this is where his life changes. Story friends, you will know only after watching the movie, how much you are excited to watch this movie, definitely tell us in the comment

Now friends talk about how much Biggil movie got rated by IMD, so it has a great rating of 6.7 / 10 and friends 88% of Google users have liked this movie very much, now talk about the box office of Friends Movie So this movie was made on a budget of 140 crores and this movie collected 300 crores at the box office.

If you tell everyone where this movie is going to be seen, then you will get to see this movie on Amazon Prime Video, you can easily watch this movie there.

Bigil movie star cast



Jackie shroff



Yogi babu

Bigil movie release date

Release Date: 25 October 2019

Bigil movie box office collection

budget 140 crore and box office 300 crore

Bigil movie IMDb rating

6.7 / 10 | and 88% Google users like this Movie

Bigil Movie watch online

Watch this movie only on Amazon prime video

Bigil Movie Song

Singappenney 6:04 · A. R.Rahman

Verithanam 4:06 · A. R. Rahman

Unakaga 4:26 · A. R. Rahman

Maathare 4:21 · A. R. Rahman

Bigil Bigil Bigiluma 2:02 · A. R. Rahman

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